PN 320050│Disposable EMG needle 0,45⌀ x 50mm

Product no.: 320050

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Disposable EMG needle 0,45⌀ x 50mm

Product Number: 320050

PU: 25

Our high-quality disposable and sterilised needle electrodes consist of an insulated steel wire in a stainless high-grade steel cannula.
The recording surface is 0.02 or 0.07 mm2, depending on the size of the needle. The electrodes are supplied exclusively in packs of 25.

Our disposable needle electrodes are individually sterile packed and EO sterilised. The needles may only be used once on one patient. Do not straighten bent needles, replace them with a new needle instead. The expiry date is printed on the packaging. The packaging must be inspected for any damage before it is opened. Do not sterilise it again. Please dispose of used needles properly.