PN 331001│Surface lead electrode with 5pole DIN connector, 1200mm length

Product no.: 331001

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Surface lead electrode, 5pole DIN connector

Product Number: 331001

PU: 1

Product Length: 1200mm

This surface lead electrode is used for measuring motor and sensitive evoking potentials. It consists of two flat fluted V2A steel electrodes with 8 mm diameter, fixed to a highly flexible cable 12 / 20 cm in length. The black electrode is active and the white electrode is the reference electrode. The surface lead electrode (also known as wafer electrode) is supplied in two versions: electrode and connection cable firmly connected or electrode and cable separate (for which the universal cable 145414 or 145412 is needed), with the connecting points in this version fitted with safety connectors.
Handling: the electrodes must be moistened with water or coated with electrode paste before use. They can be fixed in place with adhesive tape or adhesive rings (20/8mm). Felt inserts must be placed in saline solution and soaked thoroughly before use. Felt inserts should be exchanged after every application. Felt inserts should be replaced after every application.