PN 145420│2 channel adaptor (jumper)

31.00 €


2 channel adaptor jumper

Product Number: 145420

PU: 1

This shielded electrode cable with touch-proof jacks are suitable for deriving single or multi-channel action potentials, for all types of electrodes with touch-proof connectors. This cable may also be used for cup electrodes, surface electrodes, lead electrodes, sensitive loop electrodes, disposable adhesive electrodes, connection cables with alligator clips and connection cables in touch-proof designs. 2, 3 or 4 channel leads require the use of the appropriate number of single channel electrode cables, (distributors can be clipped together) which may be connected with bridge adapters (jumper) reference and ground inputs, as required. The universal electrode cable is suitable for all units with 5-pin DIN input jacks.